European Country Chic Handmade Gifts & Decor

Creating custom handmade gifts and decor with a story ...

After marrying my British husband, we moved to the U.K. In Europe I fell in love with the historic buildings, classic design, and rustic quality decor that would stand the test of time. I loved the sense of roots and timelessness of my surroundings. In Europe you're surrounded with history and story. Ever since, I've sought to create a sense of story and roots in my own home, and share these qualities, and my creations, with others. 

A few years ago, ice, skis, and my husband's sense of immortality, sent him into a tree. With serious injuries to his spine, we both made major changes in our lives. Stepping down after decades of pastoring a church together, I now spend my days running Black Eyed Susan, a business I always dreamed of but never imagined could happen. I now design, sew, paint home decor items, restore and reinvent old furniture pieces, fill custom orders, drink tea, and hug my husband when he slows down enough. (He now works in Real Estate.) We work together when it makes sense, and enjoy every day. 🌻

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